How To Start Hush Mining

How To Start Hush Mining

A easy mining tutorial for Flowmining, written by @SQRL [] Step-by-step, Quickguide To get started in minutes, with a compilation of picture and happiness for success How To Start Hush Mining.


Step 1 – Get The Best Wallet For Your Purpuse

So basically, what you need is a secure wallet and the best option today in my opinion
is to download a Windows HUSH GUI wallet.
I appreciate straightforward things that works flawless and simplicity.
There are of course many other options, but we start with this one.

Download the wallet on the link below and install it on your desktop.

The Official Hush Site – 


Step 2 – Download Free Hush Mining Software

We have integrated 2 separate mining programs at depending on whether you own a Nvidia graphics card or AMD.

Just click to download!
And follow the instructions as shown below


Step 3 – Connect Your Mining Software And Your Wallet

The last step in this tutorial is to edit the file”flowmining.bat” we prefer you direct your miner to your own address. You do this by go to the tab (Own addresses) in your HUSH Wallet and copy and paste it instead of the existing T address (t1SXSHvAcTYE8mNFtFCxXJbf9bNa8N6dsKC)

Now press Ctrl+s to save the changes and execute the flowmining.bat – This is How To Start Hush Mining!



This is one of those days, when the google translate didn’t wont to cooperate at all.

I apologize for my crappy English, post a comment below or join our discord channel for instant support.

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